The Company

ALPHASYSTEM SA’s field of activity has been the Automation Systems research, design and manufacture, specializing in Automatic Lift Doors since 2002.

Our company is a modern European Company with presence in more than 27 countries worldwide which, having the customers’ needs as a guide, is able to grant additional safety and value to their projects.

In our company, we produce high quality products by using our ultramodern, high end equipment. Our products contain innovative functions, in order to make our customers’ works more efficient, their success more than certain, truly honoring their trust to our company every single moment.

Devoted to that philosophy, we created products, which were welcomed with enthusiasm by our customers from the very first moment that were available in market. At the same time, the quality of our products became a point of reference and as the time went by, the name “ALPHASYSTEM” became synonymous to quality.

Our main aim is to increase the safety and improve our customers’ and our employees’ quality of life and at length of the society, contributing to the progress and innovation, through a consistent enterprising activity.


Our team

The most important element for a successful investment is “human resources.” In our company, we invest and believe in talent, creativity and the value each person has. The great results come from the harmonic team cooperation.

We choose to constantly educate our people, evaluate them and reward them. The evaluation is achieved by the development of a system of our own, totally meritocratic, which is filled with data the staff inserts. In this way, our people have the opportunity to climb in every level: Within the company’s department and financially as well. At the same time, staying devoted to our desire having the quality everywhere, we provide a very friendly business environment. 

In ALPHASYSTEM SA what “shines” the most is our people. Our team has high skills, it is talented, innovative, creative, diligent and with high responsibility, in order to provide the best support to those that have trusted us all these years!


R&D Department

The people of the Research and Development (R&D) Department, listen to our customers’ requests for new products, observe the latest evolution and creating innovation, they turn theory into practice.


Production Department

The people of the Production Department, organize, instruct and control the production procedures, making sure you will have the best service.

Customer Support Department

The people of the Customer Support, listen to our clients carefully and they support them the best way possible.

Logistics Department

The people of the Logistics Department, take care that all of the nexccessary procedures will take place in time, so you continue enjoyng the best support. 

Quality Assurance

Quality, in ALPHASYSTEM SA, is the corner stone on which the whole company was built. Quality is something we want to dominate everywhere. In relationships with our customers as well as in relationships between the employees of our company, in the places we live and produce, in the design, in our mechanical equipment and eventually in our products.

Only when all the above apply, we end up having high quality products –according to the company’s philosophy- and eventually, satisfied customers. 

High quality, for the people of ALPHASYSTEM SΑ isn’t just a title hanging on a wall or a certificate posted in a webpage. It is the quintessence of the company run.

Production Facilities

All of the company’s departments possess high technology mechanical equipment, which consists of CNC machines and systems controlled by robots.

All this high requirement mechanical equipment, in combination with ALPHASYSTEM SA’s people, gives us the following abilities:

  • The produced components have controllable -always high- quality.
  • Great flexibility regarding special constructions.
  • Extremely short delivery time.

Research & Development

The Department of Research and Design (R&D) is the innovative and creative area of ALPHASYSTEM SA.

In our company, we enjoy envisioning and creating! We enjoy every single step of creation!

In the Department of Research and Development (R&D), the customers’ demand for innovation and high technology, in combination with the creative spirit and the experience of our Mechanics and Technicians, transform into high quality products. 

The department of Research and Design determines the development of each product, the selection of the materials and products capabilities, having each time the European Norms as a guide. All the above give us the ability to offer long guarantees of proper functionality.

The department’s labs are equipped with hi-tech instruments. The people composing the department’s staff are proficient educated and they possess long time experience.

The most important factor though, is that these people are enthusiastic with what they do! This enthusiasm gives solutions to our customers’ enquiries, this passion gives them peace of mind – protecting our customers’ reputation and along with the “know-how”, creates innovative and durable products throughout their use, without breakdowns.

The quality of the work that takes place in the R&D department is proven by the use and durability of the product. The less “obligatory improvements” a product is subjected to and the longer lifetime it has, the better a R&D department works.

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