Quality Warranty

The written Warranty provided by the factory is your unique assurance that the product you have chosen, will have the desired attributes, at least during its validity.

Especially when the product is demanded to have long lasting functionality, then the long term Guarantee is fundamental, because buying a cheap product, which comes without a written warranty, will cost you much more in long term. Continuous visits for “adjustments” and repairs. Extra charge for spare parts. Permanent bad and unreliable operation.  In many cases you may even need to replace the product in order to preserve your personal peace and reputation. These are only some of the consequences that accompany cheap purchases. 

The Guarantee must be written and formulated in clear terms. The longest duration of a guarantee regarding products of the same kind, is an absolutely reliable criterion of the product’s quality.

In ALPHASYSTEM as manufacturer of Lift Car Doors, we guarantee that all of our products, even in  level of components, sub-mechanisms and mechanisms, are tested in detail, in every phase of their production and they have been submitted to strict qualitative controls before they are put at customers’ disposal.

For this reason, our company is able to provide Warranty of proper function and repair throughout the validity of guarantee, without charging the customers.

The guarantee forms per product, along with the analytic terms description can be found here, as well as the way that you can extend its validity.

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Beware of imitations

ALPHASYSTEM S.A continuously invests significant amounts of money, for new, innovative, developed   products  with  guaranteed  operation-with minimal maintenance- for a lifetime.

Imitators don’t consume time or spend  money  in order to develop any products which comply with the safety rules.

Fake products can expose you in serious dangers, since they do not comply with the International and European safety standards, and they ignore qualitative controls.

These dangers have to do with:

  • The safety of the technicians who install the products and the users’ as well.
  • The possible breakdowns or the destruction of the installation.
  • The absence of technical support and guarantee.

Safety imitation is impossible.

When the product is safe, it must be able to function immediately and reliably.

  • Imitations  are mostly manufactured by cheap and not safe materials
  • Imitators reduce the cost because they don’t follow the requirements of the quality and safety standards.
  • Imitators copy in general the appearance of the product, but they don’t have the “know-how”, to reproduce the technology. If they had it, they would create their own eponymous products!

In other words:

Imitating the company’s operation is impossible. The procedures and the philosophy that characterize a company’s operation are unique characteristics that are “imprinted”  on the quality of the product.